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 +===== About author =====
 +I am Igor Vykhodtsev, creator of vyhodb.
 +I started working on vyhodb in 2012, because I failed to search system, which could satisfy ​
 +my needs. I needed simple system which could safe my efforts on developing SaaS application ​
 +using Java stack. It seemed to be a three layer Smart Client application with Swing client and 
 +server logic. Then I started looking for simple technology for server logic with a slope learning curve.
 +I didn’t want to study or dial with Hibernate, web service/​json staff, code generation, etc. I also 
 +didn’t want to splitting business logic into Java and SQL code; align different layers ​
 +(SQL, ORM, Remoting) to each other and configure them. 
 +All I wanted was just to put my business logic in one place, as close to data as possible, ​
 +and simply invoke it directly from client application. No code generation, no mapping configuring, ​
 +no libraries/​frameworks with over 200 pages of user guide. So I decided to create my own system – vyhodb which could
 +reduce development efforts not only for me but for other projects as well.
 +However, goals have changed since then, but I’ve been trying to follow ideas of simplicity and perfection ​
 +in vyhodb as much as I could.
 +And now I would be very happy if vyhodb helps others in their java application projects. ​
 +You can keep in touch with me by [[https://​​igor.vykhodtsev|facebook]] or [[https://​​forum/#​!forum/​vyhodb|google group]].
 +Thank you, \\Igor Vykhodtsev.
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