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Welcome to vyhodb

vyhodb database is the right choice when you have complex data model with sophisticated business logic, which have to be executed in ACID transactions with SERIALIZABLE isolation level. In other words, it is best for enterprise level applications.

vyhodb is written on Java and currently can be used by Java applications only.

vyhodb database has the following features:

  • Network model with schemaless approach
  • ACID transactions with SERIALIZABLE isolation level
  • Three running modes (stand-alone, embedded, local)
  • Stored procedures (written in Java)
  • Indexes for fast searching child records
  • Functions API for traversing over data model
  • ONM API for mapping Java objects to vyhodb data model

vyhodb is also easy to use from administration perspective:

  • Simple configuring (one property file)
  • Auto expanding storage
  • “Hot” backups
  • Master/Slave replication
  • Load balancer and non-fault-tolerant cluster
  • Small footprint (1,4 mb)

The best way to start with vyhodb is Getting Started document. Code examples can be downloaded from here

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